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Why Big Air is the Key to a Bigger Total

As you can tell from the title, unlocking the power of breathing is a BIG game changer in human performance. Gaining a competitive advantage is all about finding a tweak, cue, or method that allows your body to better accomplish the performance task at hand. There are MULTIPLE videos, articles, and blogs that detail Dave Tate’s cue for how to take in air properly and that will make a night-and-day difference for those who are not performing this technique correctly. Take a moment to review one of these now before moving forward. For some individuals, understanding why a cue works so well helps to reinforce its importance. The purpose of this article is to reinforce WHY this cue is so important for those individuals.

1. Normal and Abnormal Breathing

2. Musculoskeletal Anatomy of the Diaphragm

3. Introduction to Janda Concepts

4. Breathing Dysfunction

The best way to facilitate ultimate performance is by putting your body in the best environment possible to do so. To learn more about your specific environment, visit to read Dr. Detweiler's full article, Why Big Air Is the Key to a Bigger Total.

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