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Team Performance Testing

Team Performance Testing

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Are you the coach of a high school or college team, looking to better direct the goals of your training programs? As a coach, it is essential to have a complete grasp on where your team is at - knowing their strengths, and identifying their areas for improvement. Your team's performance markers give you that bit of necessary insight.

But... what performance markers are you looking for? How do you test them?

That is where we come in.

How it Works

Over a two- to three-day period, our healthcare professionals will lead your team through a variety of testing measures to determine their current athletic performance level. Upon completion, we will synthesize your results into an easy-to-understand format for you to keep. We will identify your team's strengths, areas for improvement, and athletes that are at the highest risk for injury.

Our testing measures will include:

You Have the Results - Now What?

With the information gained from your Team Performance Test, our Hybrid Team of healthcare professionals will recommend factors to include in a 12-week training program. The recommendations will be tailor made to fit your team, based on the findings of the performance testing. After the 12 weeks are up, we will return to re-test your team to analyze growth, track improvement, and set new goals. Let's work together this year to achieve greatness.

Your team has never been in better hands.
"Tyrel and Nate had my team into the facility for compensation and injury assessments. The kids loved the format and I was able to pull away tons of valuable data that has made programming for each individual much easier."

John Horner

Lacrosse Coach

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