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Switch your focus to a lifetime of health with

Results-Based Care


You are more than a list of painful symptoms.

Our current healthcare system has created a false understanding of your body. It aims to quick fix symptoms instead of helping you live a long, healthy life.  


At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, we are focused on your long term health. Our care plans are centered around your health goals and helping you get the results you want.

Experience Results-Based Care

With our results-based approach to care, we address the three biggest problems facing healthcare - Time, Cost and Results.


Say bye-bye to drawn-out treatment plans. You don’t have time to wait for results.


Most healthcare visits are 15 minutes or less, with only a fraction of that time spent with your actual provider.


At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, every second of your visit is spent with your healthcare provider. Our average visit length is 3-4 times longer than the industry standard, meaning no more three-times-per-week treatment plans. 

Most Healthcare Providers

15 min cookie cutter treatment

Hybrid Care

1 hr personalized treatment


Have peace of mind knowing you’ll get the care you need at a fixed rate.


No surprise bills after your visit.


Every visit is all-inclusive with the treatments you need for the pain you have.


Rather than promising you’ll feel better at some future time, we lay out a personalized plan for you on day one that is focused on getting you results.


Each visit is a “step” forward toward lasting results and includes all necessary evaluation, treatment, and education.

Hybrid Healthcare Team Approach

We treat every patient like an elite athlete. Each patient's file will be under the direction of a chiropractor, a strength coach and a sports rehab specialist - just like collegiate and professional sports teams.

How Results-Based Care Works


When it comes to decisions about your health and the health of your family, we understand the importance of finding the right person. 


That's why we offer all new clients a free Telehealth consultation. 


Save time, money, and stress with a free consult with a medical professional to better understand the nature of your problem and get ensure your first visit with the right specialist


We want ensures that your first visit is with the specialist that will best address your problem - even if that specialist is not us! At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, your health comes first.


Step 2:
Address the Cause

Your body is the most complex system on the planet. To truly understand an injury takes more than figuring out what hurts.


Better healthcare begins on your first visit with a thorough evaluation to identify the various stressors that are causing your problem. 


Using these findings, we create a treatment plan and utilize every tool at our disposal to get you back on the field of life and ensure long term health.


Step 3:
Build New Habits

Most treatment plans make the mistake of stopping when the pain stops. But pain wasn’t the problem. Pain was the symptom. And it will return unless you restore proper function.

The period after pain is gone is the most crucial point in treatment.


We create a personalized rehab program to restore proper function in the body. This plan is personalized to fit your lifestyle and teaches you how to correct poor movement so you don’t fall into the trap of chasing pain.

lift weights dublin ohio

Step 4:
Live Your Life Pain Free

The final step in fixing your problem is preventing it from happening again. Every movement you perform in life requires strength. 


Health isn’t a static state, either. Your body requires regular maintenance to withstand the constant wear and tear of life. We believe your healthcare provider shouldn't just fix you and then wait for the next injury. Rather, your doctor should work with you to help you identify the tools that you can use to keep yourself healthy.

Strength training isn’t just for athletes.
Food is medicine.
Healthcare isn’t just for when you’re hurt.
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