Markus Bailey

Dr. Tyrel Detweiler tailors his approach to the specific needs of each client. I would recommend Hybrid Performance and Wellness to anyone looking for help with pain management, especially athletes!

Chris Frey Jr.

There are no other places in Columbus that offer what Hybrid offers.  Tyrel keeps my body feeling healthy so that I can continue to train and play at a high level.

Jake Mackenzie

Dr. Tyrel is by far one of the very best professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge and dedication to his profession never seizes to impress me.

Adam Zevchik

Hands down the best recovery service out there. Dr. Detweiler has made it possible to recover from injuries and stay pain free so that I can perform and train optimally every time I get under the bar.

Louis Ban

I have frequently suffered from lower back pain due to the brutally heavy weights when powerlifting. Dr. Detweiler has helped me to find relief so I can keep competing at a high level.

Lily Starobin

I appreciate Dr. Detweiler's extensive range of modalities he utilizes to keep me at the top of my game. Whether it's a quick stop in the Recovery Room or a full appointment, I have never been in less pain leading up to a meet!

Jayde Sheeley


Hybrid Performance and Wellness has provided treatment that has allowed my body to recover better than ever. Dr. Detweiler was able to identify the cause of my pain and explain what was happening with my body. With their care I hope to stay active in my sport for another 13 years!