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Meet Your New Health and Performance Team

We are experts at helping athletes because we are athletes.


Who We Are

Dr Detweiler

Address the cause, not the symptom

Individualized healthcare, rehab, and fitness

Guidance for your long term health and wellness

Active-minded people, just like you!


At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, we are not your normal healthcare clinic. We’re not even your normal chiropractic clinic.

You want to stay active, be healthy, and perform at your best in life. We understand, and we are here to help. In our eyes, anyone can be an athlete with a performance goal. Our job is to help you reach that goal. We want to help each and every one of our patients live life without having limitations from their body.   hybrid strength athletics

hybrid strength athletics

Who We Are Not

A Quick Fix for

Your Pain

One-Size Fits All Treatment 

A brief in and out visit with your provider

Subservient to insurance companies

Meet the Team

Dr. Tyrel Detweiler
DC | MSR | CSCS | Chiropractor

As a former athlete and Team Chiropractor for The University of Memphis, Dr. Tyrel Detweiler understands the expectations from those who demand more of their body. 

Dr. Detweiler played offensive guard at The University of Iowa before enrolling in the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at Logan University in St. Louis. Following his schooling at Logan he was a member of the sports medicine team at The University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZZOU) where he provided care for athletes of all sports.

After the preceptorship at MIZZOU, Dr. Detweiler completed his Masters in Sports Rehabilitation and also became the Team Chiropractor for all sports at The University of Memphis from 2015-2018 before relocating to Columbus, OH to open Hybrid Performance and Wellness.

Dr. Detweiler stays active in the high school sport community and consults with many local high schools, coaches, and strength coaches. He also trains middle school and high school offensive linemen at The OH Line Academy


Nathan Wolfe
Certified Athletic Trainer
Director of Sports Rehabilitation


Caitlyn knows what it means to live an active lifestyle. She enjoys training at the gym and outdoor activities. She understands the frustration you face when an injury has you grounded. With a passion for dance, she graduated from Ohio State University with a major in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and a minor in Dance. She’s currently pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Northwestern University to provide an even higher level of care.

Injuries in athletics have become so common many athletes believe they’re just a “normal part of the game.” While the chance of getting injured does increase when you play, with the right preparation, injuries don’t have to be a regular occurrence.


Nate is a Certified Athletic Trainer, and he joined the Hybrid team to help athletes prevent injuries before they happen with detailed sport rehab, corrective exercise, and the implementation of injury prevention and avoidance programs.


With Nate’s help, you can appropriately prepare your body for activity and prevent the injuries that keep you from living the active lifestyle you love.


Nate’s Experience:

  • Licensed Athletic Trainer in the State of Ohio

  • Head Athletic Trainer for Xavier Alumni TBT

  • Direct Clinical Experience with both High School and Collegiate Athletics

  • 5+ Years Experience in Post-Operative Care (Physical Therapy Clinic)

  • NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist


Nate is a Cleveland sports fan and rarely misses a Xavier basketball game. When Nate is not treating patients, you can usually find him on the golf course or spending time with his husky.

Office Manager

Why Patients Choose Hybrid

Hybrid Avg. Appointment:

1 hour

Other Doctor’s Avg. Appointment:

15 minutes


We have experience as athletes, coaches and clinical care providers at the highest levels of competition. 



Our model of care emphasizes the needs of the individual. We spend time getting to know you then focus on only one thing - getting you the best results possible.



We educate each patient on how your body works so you can maintain a lifetime of health.


Don’t ever feel rushed at the doctor’s office again. Your relationship with your doctor should be open and available to the questions and concerns you have about your health. Get pain relief now and plan for a lifetime of health.

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