Where People Go to Get Results

Your Health Should Be A Priority

Have you ever felt rushed at the doctor's office? Do your questions seem to be a "burden" to your doctor? How often do you leave feeling concerned or confused about your health and your direction of care?

How are you going have to wait to see results?

These are the feelings from multiple patients who have come to our office in search of better answers to their health.  

We Take Your Health Personally

Personalized healthcare is about building a relationship and understanding your needs on an individual level. Your health deserves a better solution than a pain pill or a few home exercises that anyone can find with a simple google search. Your health deserves personalized care and a health care provider that helps guide your care.


At Hybrid Performance and Wellness we believe in the ability for you to create massive change in your own health. We utilize our experience and proven treatment methods to help you discover the role you can play to improve your health and wellbeing.

A Results-Based Approach

Healthcare is abundant with high end equipment, fancy offices, and expensive care - but at the end of the day none of these hold any value to you unless they get you results. A result is what you truly care about. 

Our approach to healthcare is powered on getting you results. Our wide range of healthcare services and tools help you accomplish your goals by addressing mind, body, and behavior. Together, we will find the best solution to address your specific needs – whether you are pushing your body to perform, in pain, or working to improve and maintain your current state of health. And our multidisciplinary team will be with you, every step of the way with a wealth of mentoring and coaching in nutrition, fitness and mental resilience.

What to Expect

The client experience at Hybrid Performance and Wellness is vastly different from typical medical practices that operate under the high volume, insurance-based model and drive a wedge between patients and doctors.
During each appointment, our providers personally invest 60 minutes with each client to:

  • Examine the physical state of their body

  • Understand who they are as a person

  • Learn how they interact with the world on a daily basis

Building this relationship allows our team to identify the cause of your ailments, increase your knowledge, and create a Results-Based Care Plan to meet your specific needs.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Tyrel Detweiler, DC, CCSP® | Chiropractor

Dr. Detweiler adheres to the highest standards of excellence and clinical expertise. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP), accredited by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports PhysiciansTM  (ACBSP).  In addition, Dr. Detweiler is a graduate of nationally-ranked Logan University where he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree and a Master of Science degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. 


As an elite multi-sport athlete, Dr. Detweiler competed in Division 1 football at the University of Iowa. After graduating from  Logan University, he returned to Division 1 schools as a healthcare provider, serving as the Team Chiropractor for all sports at the University of Memphis and serving on the University of Missouri’s Sports Medicine Team.


When it comes to athletics, Dr. Detweiler has a true passion for helping young athletes. His wife, Margaret, is a high school athletic trainer, and they both share a commitment to helping high school athletes and programs realize their true potential. As a private offensive line coach, he works with aspiring young offensive linemen to develop proper techniques and advanced preparation habits so they can prevent injuries as they continue on their path to playing college football.


In addition, the Detweiler family operates a state of the art training facility to help high school athletes develop both physically and mentally by challenging their bodies to grow through off-season workouts and training.


“As a practitioner, one of my overarching objectives is to share the lessons I learned over my career as an athlete and health care practitioner with younger athletes,” said Dr. Detweiler. “I know the impact someone like that would have had on me when I was in their shoes.” 


It’s no wonder coaches and athletes throughout greater Columbus consult with Dr. Detweiler to improve their performance.

Dr. Detweiler and Margaret enjoy spending time hiking, camping, shooting and fishing. When they’re not enjoying the great outdoors with their dog Bruce or supporting high school athletics, Dr. Detweiler is training, working on the farm, enjoying the outdoors, or cooking. In fact, he is quite the Grill Master, smoking and grilling most of the family meals using healthy ingredients to make traditional dishes.

Meet Dr. Tyrel Detweiler