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Your body is your greatest asset.

Protect it with a visit to The Hybrid Recovery Room.

Work, life, and training beat you down. With regular use of The Hybrid Recovery Room, you’ll notice less fatigue from work, decreased soreness from training, and more energy to tackle whatever life throws your way. Check in, recover, get back to life. 


The Hybrid Recovery Room is your one stop shop to recover after workouts and maintain your health. Choose from our wide variety of recovery tools used by elite level athletes around the world.

Recovery Room Tools

Massage Gun

Tight and tender muscles are uncomfortable and difficult to self-treat at home. Use the massage gun before or after workouts to increase blood and lymphatic flow relieving your tension.

Compression Boots

Intense training produces sore muscles that require active and passive recovery to restore your body back to your pre-training status. Typically this means walking, steady state cardio or resting. RecoveryPump® takes the best of both worlds by simulating "active recovery" in a passive manner. This makes the RecoveryPumps an invaluable recovery option for any level athlete.

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Kinesiology Tape

Joint injuries lead to limited range of motion due to pain. Kinesiology tape gently lifts the skin to increase joint space, enhance blood and lymphatic movement, and stimulate your nervous system to decrease joint and muscle tension.

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Inversion Table

Most people spend too much time in a posture that compresses the spine. When the spine is subject to too much compression, muscles get tight, discs bulge, and vertebral endplates can experience microfractures. The inversion table uses gravity to safely decompress your spine.


Cupping is a treatment used by elite athletes to reduce pain and inflammation. Treatments involve placing special suction cups on your skin for a few minutes. The increased blood flow and heightened relaxation are similar to a deep-tissue massage.

Massage Chairs

We beat our bodies up with intense exercise, sitting too long at a desk, and overall life stressors. Our massage chairs are a relaxing way to release muscle tension from your neck down to your calves.


Reduce muscle inflammation and soreness with ice therapy after intense training sessions.

Alpha Stim

High stress jobs and intense physical demands create pain in your nervous system. Attach the Alpha-Stim waveform clips to your earlobes for 20 minutes of electrotherapy. Recover your nervous system faster for significant anxiety relief, mood normalization, and better sleep.

Not sure which recovery tool is best for you?

Our clinicians will help you design a recovery routine and show you how to get the most out of each recovery tool.

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