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Sports Performance Evaluation

Sports Performance Evaluation

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In order to know how to maximize your sport performance here at Hybrid Performance and Wellness, we need to know where you are starting. Our Sports Performance Evaluation (SPE), done by our in-house Certified Athletic Trainer, informs us of your physical potential baseline. From here, we can better individualize your training, by considering your current levels of speed, power, agility, conditioning, and risk for injury. Once we know where your strengths and deficits lie, we can work with you to maximize your time spent with us in our 3-step Sports Performance process.


Sports Performance Evaluation (SPE)

Our sports performance evaluations combine our injury risk screening with more in-depth performance testing. 

Injury Risk Screening

Injury risk screening is the first part of our two-part SPE. The aim of the injury risk screen is to identify potential risk factors that can lead to injury. Numerous variables that can lead to injury are assessed, such as: stability, mobility, weakness, and body asymmetry. It also has the secondary goal of correcting for, and managing, any current or previous injuries.

The results gained from this screen are incorporated into the athlete’s strength and conditioning program.  This ensures that the exercise selection is appropriate for the athlete and also allows for specific corrective exercises to be incorporated.  This allows for the most effective training plan, maximizing results for the athlete.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the second part of our two-part SPE. Performance testing is a series of tests to measure the athlete’s physical potential in the areas of speed, power, agility, and conditioning.  This gives us a snapshot of the athlete’s physical potential, as well as an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. 

The primary goal of performance testing is to give the athlete, their parents, and their coaches a marker for where the athlete is currently at and where they should be. This information is used to recommend modifications for already-existing strength programs, or to create a brand-new, individualized program for the athlete that is appropriate for their training level.


Injury Risk and Performance Profile

With the information gained from your SPE, our Hybrid Team of healthcare professionals will create a custom, individualized Injury Risk and Performance Profile just for you. This will summarize our findings, explain them to you in terms you can understand, and start the discussion for what comes next.


Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Programming

Based on each person's specific Injury Risk and Performance Profile results, our team will work with you to create an individualized training and rehabilitation program for your needs. You will work directly with a team of athletic trainers and strength coaches to improve your weak points, prevent injury, and keep you moving right. 


Hybrid's Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Programs are progressive, starting with injury prevention and pain reduction, and moving towards maximizing your athletic performance. This model is highly effective at targeting an athlete’s deficiencies, leading to decreased injury rates and improvement in overall performance


If you're ready to take the next step on your journey toward a pain- and injury-free life bursting with athletic development, click the link below. Our sports performance process is perfect for any middle school, high school, recreational, or collegiate athlete looking to go the extra mile.


We can't wait to work with you.

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