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Physical Therapy


Injury Risk Screening

Injury Risk Screening

At Hybrid, we want to see you moving and feeling great, so you can excel in your passions. Most injuries are predictable and can thus be prevented. To help our community, and recreational athletes, prevent injuries before they happen, we at Hybrid are proud to offer Injury Risk Screenings.


Injury Risk Screenings are conducted by our on-site Certified Athletic Trainer with the aim of identifying potential risk factors that can lead to injury. It also has the secondary goal of correcting for, and managing, any current or previous injuries. Numerous variables that can lead to injury are assessed, such as: stability, mobility, weakness, and asymmetry in the body. 

Once we have identified weak points and vulnerabilities that put you at risk for future injury, our Hybrid team will create a custom injury prevention plan. This plan is progressive in nature and specific to your needs. By targeting and resolving your weak points, we will drastically reduce your risk of future injury.

Physical Therapist

The goal of the Injury Risk Screening is to reduce the prevalence of injury at the workplace, in the home, and at the gym. 

What Do We Evaluate?

Our Injury Risk Screenings are valuable for numerous different applications. Our healthcare professionals are great at evaluating:

Workplace ergonomics

Strength deficits

Workplace injury prevention

Underlying compensation patterns in the body

Lifting technique

Stability and mobility concerns


We gawk and say, “Man, I hope I look like that when I’m 70!”

Do you think that person became an active 70-year-old by limiting or stopping activity? As we age, we realize that the pinnacle of health is having a body that does not limit you from doing the things you love.

As an active adult, you’re constantly told by mainstream healthcare that your activities and passions are detrimental to your health. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You want to extend your longevity and continue to pursue your passions for as long as possible. But, all too often, these doctors and therapists play it safe rather than listen to your desires and expectations...

Not us. Here at Hybrid, we understand the value of maximizing your performance.

Today’s society pushes a narrative that once you stop playing organized sports, there’s no reason to push your body, and as long as you don’t actively have pain, you’re healthy.
This is not the case.

Maximizing Your Performance

Today's best athletes maximize their performance by improving their speed, agility, and strength on a daily basis. They dedicate their time to getting their body in tip-top shape.

Here at Hybrid, we help everyone to optimize their body's health - not just athletes. We help you to maximize your performance by ensuring your body remains strong and resilient to life's daily stressors and activities. This way, you can keep doing the things you love for as long as possible.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward maximizing your performance? Click the link below to schedule your injury risk screening today.
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