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Advanced Sports Therapy

Advanced Sports Therapy

Hybrid's Advanced Sports Therapy program goes beyond traditional sports therapy to provide full support to athletes who are dealing with injury. Including sports rehab, return-to-play, and maximizing performance, we have a program fit for all levels of athletes.







Sports Rehab

Rehabilitation is a process of restoring proper flexibility, strength, power, and endurance to ensure peak performance in athletes and active individuals. Rehabilitation from a sports injury is the most common form, although the core concepts of rehabilitation can be used to improve performance in people who are suffering from a multitude of pain conditions.

Every injury is different. Your rehab should be too. Mainstream physical therapy and rehabilitation follows standard protocols that can leave you paying for someone to watch you do exercises you could be doing on your own at home.

At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, every injury rehabilitation program is customized to the needs of the client with an emphasis on minimizing overall cost and time in the process. That is why we offer three different tiers in our Sports Rehab department.

Great for: 

Athletes seeking a more personalized approach to rehabilitating their injury

Athletes who have failed a course of traditional physical therapy

Athletes looking to accelerate their recovery from injury


We gawk and say, “Man, I hope I look like that when I’m 70!”

Do you think that person became an active 70-year-old by limiting or stopping activity? As we age, we realize that the pinnacle of health is having a body that does not limit you from doing the things you love.

As an active adult, you’re constantly told by mainstream healthcare that your activities and passions are detrimental to your health. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You want to extend your longevity and continue to pursue your passions for as long as possible. But, all too often, these doctors and therapists play it safe rather than listen to your desires and expectations...

Not us. Here at Hybrid, we understand the value of maximizing your performance.

Today’s society pushes a narrative that once you stop playing organized sports, there’s no reason to push your body, and as long as you don’t actively have pain, you’re healthy.
This is not the case.


For an athlete, stopping sports therapy when pain is gone or range of motion is restored is not an option. And yet, because most insurances stop paying once these two metrics are normal, mainstream physical therapy has no choice to discontinue care at this point.


Insurance companies don’t understand competitive athletes demand a lot more out of their bodies than just being out of pain. Athletes in this position need to continue care with an emphasis on preparing their body to compete.


Our Return-to-Play programs allow these athletes to close the gap between mainstream physical therapy and high level competition.

Great for: 

Athletes that have completed traditional physical therapy for an injury but are not yet ready to return to sport

Athletes who are actively competing at less than 100%

Off-season athletes recovering from an in-season injury

Active adults and recreational athletes who wish to get over a nagging injury or extend their longevity

Maximizing Performance

Once you have fully recovered from injury and return to full participation, it is time to maximize your performance.


This aspect of advanced sports therapy utilizes stability, change of direction, eye-hand coordination, conditioning, and strength drills to enhance stability, quality of movement, strength, and power to help you thrive in your sport.

Great for: 

Pushing your performance to the next level

As a supplement to your ongoing school strength training program

Improving your body’s ability to adapt to increased training stresses

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