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Three Questions You Should Ask Your Chiropractor

One of the bigger frustrations that circulates through the strength community is being able to find a good healthcare provider. Whether it be stubbornness by the athlete, or lack of success with previous doctors, strength athletes are notorious for taking matters into their own hands or seeking advice from other lifters to troubleshoot an injury.

The best scenario for the strength athlete is to have an outlet to qualified healthcare professionals who can empathize with their demands, diagnose an injury, provide direction and guidance for how to address their problems, and help them better understand their body to prevent future significant injury from occurring.

Although sometimes you get lucky and knock it out of the park in the first office you visit, finding that individual is not always easy. So how do you find a good healthcare provider? The following three questions are the quickest, most efficient way to determine if your current or prospective doctor is a fit for you:

1. What tools/therapies do you utilize?

2. What is your experience with my situation/who have you worked with in the past?

3. Why?

When you enter into a new relationship with a doctor, simply show interest, ask questions about your problem, and find out what you can to do to help improve your own health and performance. You'll be killing two birds with one stone.

Check out Dr. Detweiler's full article on, Three Questions You Should Ask Your Chiropractor. If you have any other questions specific to finding a good provider, feel free to email Dr. Detweiler. Questions are always welcome!

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