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Why Be Activated and RPR Work

In my practice and on the field, I utilize multiple tools to help get my clients and athletes performing at their peak potential. This includes adjustments, dry needling, myofascial release/ART, kinesiotaping, and various types of rehabilitative exercise prescription. Be Activated and RPR are without a doubt the most effective methods I have encountered for decreasing pain, addressing compensations, and restoring proper movement to enhance performance and function. As long you are willing to do what is asked of you both inside and outside my office, EVERY person who has seen massive improvement in pain, strength, range of motion, and overall function and performance.

The Be Activated and RPR systems involves strength and flexibility testing to assess the nervous system's motor patterns and recruitment of movement. This assessment allows for the identification of compensations that develop due to things like stress and other factors that affect normal neural function. Once dysfunction is found, a simple system of breathing and rubbing is utilized to create change in the nervous system. Think about the last time you went to the doctor and they tested your patellar reflex by hitting the front of your knee with a hammer. Upon contact your quad twitched and your knee extended automatically, but why? This happened because the hammer provided stimulus to the nervous system which reflexively caused the quad to contract. RPR and Be Activated is kind of like that. We provide a stimulus to the body which creates a response/change from the nervous system.

Are you ready to experience Be Activated and RPR? Schedule online now or reach out and set up an assessment!

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