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Troubleshooting Strength Injuries: Warning Signs of Injury

An injury is often very difficult to understand for the athlete who has just been injured. They can often seem to come out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, but make no mistake about it, very few injuries occur in isolation. Oftentimes there are a trail of signs that, if recognized properly, can lead to proper navigation and prevention of an injury – as is the goal of this series. Being better equipped to spot and understand the warning signs of a future injury can be your lifesaver.

Injuries can prove to be difficult. They can be hard to pinpoint, hard to describe to another person, and can certainly be hard to manage on your own. Sometimes rubbing the area in question with a piece of gym equipment seems to help. Other times switching one movement out for another does the trick. If an injury seems to be confusing it can be because you are either trying to solve a puzzle without enough pieces or you are trying to oversimplify an injury before understanding its complexities.

To some of you, this may sound like a lot of run-around. For others, you may be nodding your head in agreement. This is because each reader is going to be at a different experience level and competence with training and dealing with injury. This is normal, and it is the same path to growth and mastery that every person in every walk of life travels. I’m not trying to educate you to be a doctor, but I am going to give you as much information as I can to move you to the next level of competence in understanding the warning signs of your own body.

1. Becoming Competent

2. Stress

a. Workplace Stressors

b. Training Stressors

c. Environmental Stressors

d. Life Stressors

3. Recovery

To learn more about the warning signs of an injury, visit to read Dr. Detweiler's full article, Troubleshooting Strength Injuries: Warning Signs of Injury.

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