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Three Lessons for High School Offensive Linemen

In coaching, as well as how I run my clinic, I believe my job is not providing a basic service during practice, but rather to pass on the knowledge and experiences I've obtained in my career. If by the end of practice, all I’ve done is set up and monitor some drills, I have failed my athletes as a coach. At the OH-Line Academy, our primary roles are to:

1) Build the competence of the offensive linemen to a level in which they can analyze, coach, and execute with each other or by themselves.

2) Pass on lessons and habits for success that I wish someone had taught me when I was younger.

So how does a young offensive lineman better prepare themselves to be successful at the high school level and make themselves highly attractive to teams at the highest level of competition?

What I have learned over the last decade of experience working within collegiate athletics is success for an offensive line comes down to three attributes: Smart. Detailed. Tough. Now, if you read over those three attributes and thought to yourself, "those are attributes of success for a lot of things," - you're absolutely right. These are characteristics that define success in many different pursuits, and is why they are so vital.

Interested in enrolling in the The OH-Line Academy? Our 8-week Winter Technique and Skill Development period starts January 6th and finishes February 27th at the Spot Athletics in Dublin, OH. We will also have an 8-week Spring session from April - May. To learn more about the OH-Line Academy or sign your child up, email Coach Tyrel Detweiler.

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