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Performance Posture and the Mind-Body Link

“Sports are 80% mental and 20% physical.” How you have heard that saying before? Do you agree? Most people I’ve interacted with say “yes” to both questions.

In competitive athletics, the further we can develop the performance of the athlete, the better chance we have of succeeding. So, what would be the ideal way to increase athletic performance? Most answers would be some sort of physical training with the goal being to improve physical performance – i.e. jump higher, run faster, or improve strength.

But hold on – didn’t we just agree that only 20% of sports performance is physical? If that’s true, then why aren’t we talking more about the mental side of sports performance? The answer is that most people simply do not understand the mental side of performance. This is evident in not only coaching, but also in the medical field of sports performance. One of the youngest and fastest growing fields of study in the human body is the nervous system. This includes how the nervous system reacts to mental and physical stresses and simply how the nervous system interacts with and controls movement.

At Hybrid Performance Group, we look to address the mental and neurological components that affect human performance. The biggest tools we utilize to accomplish a better understanding of whether or not your nervous system is involved in pain, a bad movement pattern, posture, or performance is by utilizing the Reflexive Performance Reset and Be Activated systems. These systems allow us to assess your nervous system and determine if any dysfunction is present and then work with you to solve these problems on your own. To read more about those systems, click here!

One of the other ways we can create change in performance is by better understanding how your mind and body work together. For simplicity sake, we call this the mind-body link. What is in the mind is in the body. And what is in the body is in the mind.

One of the best ways to begin to understand this link is by looking at posture. Check out Dr. Detweiler’s latest article on, The Mind-Body Link: How to Posture Yourself into a Winning Position, to read all about how posture can affect performance!

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