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Learning From the Mamba Mentality

Two weekends ago, I had just finished teaching a Reflexive Performance Reset seminar at the Spot Athletics, which is attached to my office, Hybrid Performance Group. Whenever I finish teaching a seminar, there is an odd mix of emotions and energy. I love to instruct and teach others, so I always leave a weekend seminar with a high amount of energy and excitement that I’m able to do something I truly love and feel is making a difference. At the same time, 16 hours of instructing is still 16 hours of instructing, and my mind usually needs a good cool down.

After the seminar finished, I walked over to my clinic to grab my things, close up, and get ready to leave to go train. I also took a moment to jump on my phone and catch up on any missed calls, emails, messages, etc. As I foggily scanned through a group of messages (like literally 12) from my fiancé, I registered something about four daughters and a wife, then another text containing “so sad. His poor wife and other kids.” Again, at this point, my brain was mush, so I scrolled back up to the start of the group of messages to read through a little slower.

“Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash today. With his daughter. Crazy.”

Now, the point of this article is not for me to tell my personal story about how tragic the accident was, how Kobe affected me growing up, or how big of a fan I was, etc. (although for the record, he’s the only reason I watched basketball after Michael Jordan retired). Instead, I would like to focus on the takeaways from Kobe’s life that can teach all of us how to pursue our own passions better:

1. Win the Battle

2. Embrace Failure - Stop Fearing It

3. Challenges Are Opportunities for Successful People

4. Age Does Not Determine Fulfillment

If we could reflect on, and learn from, his work ethics, we could all achieve our own versions of greatness. To read the full artile by Dr. Detweiler, visit, Learning From the Mamba Mentality.

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