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How to Communicate Clearly to Potential Clients

Who is your ideal client? Can you picture that person and what makes them the perfect match for you and your business? Have you ever found yourself face-to-face with that ideal client with the opportunity to tell them all about the great features of your business? The people you’ve helped and how you’ve spent the time and money creating the best product or service possible, only to have that client turn from a warm lead to a cold lead?

What happened?

They needed your services – they told you this much. You told them how awesome your business was, and that your services were the best in the industry. You wowed them with how much information you knew, using all the proper terminology and intellectual phrases that define the answer to their problem. You showed them your website where they could find even more information on all the products and services available — yet somehow you felt like you were talking to a nodding and smiling brick wall. Do they not want help? You have exactly what they need, and it’s as if they didn’t even hear you! Surely you communicated that you have the answer to their problems… right?

If this is a scenario that is all too familiar to you, don’t worry: You’re not alone, and the answer to your problem may be a lot easier than you think. But first, you need to ask yourself a question: “Is my message clear?”

Communication is by far the most important ingredient of any relationship. Whether it’s a training partner, coach, or spouse, communication is the foundational centerpiece from which all other relationship attributes are built. When we are talking about a prospective client, the stakes riding on proper communication are even higher.

At Hybrid, we sell health autonomy. We educate our clients to understand how their body works, how to listen to it, and how to take care of it, so they can enjoy the things they love to do. Perhaps if I were to shorten that message even more it would sound like this:

“I help people learn to take control over their own health so they can live longer, more enjoyable lives.”

By spending time understanding what you do and how it connects with the needs of your clients, you can begin to build a framework of better communication that will allow you to help more people and grow your business.

If you are interested in reading more on this topic, you can find the full article by Dr. Detweiler at, How to Communicate Clearly to Potential Clients.

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