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Home Health Visits Now Available

In light of the latest “Stay at Home” mandate released by the Ohio Department of Health and Governor DeWine, we at Hybrid Performance Group wanted to take an opportunity to address and answer questions in regards to your care here at Hybrid Performance Group as we move into the coming weeks and introduce a new service to help those in need.

This mandate is extensive and encompasses a broad range of topics related to our everyday life as Americans. For the sake of clarity and time, I intend to address only the aspects of this mandate that directly relate to your ability to access care here at Hybrid Performance Group. This is not to neglect the entirety of this mandate. In fact, I encourage everyone to take time to fully read the Department of Health’s Stay at Home Order, which can be found here.

1. Continuation of Health Care Services

According to the Stay at Home Order, “All Essential Businesses and Operations are encouraged to remain open and compliant with Social Distancing Requirements” (Page 2, 3).

Per this order, health care clinics are deemed essential businesses. Furthermore, physicians (including chiropractic physicians) are considered part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce within the Healthcare and Public Health Sector (Page 17).

Therefore, as a clinic providing health care services, it is my decision to continue business operations and providing access to quality health care to clients in need at Hybrid Performance Group.

2. Your Rights to Access Health Care

Of the many allowances within this Stay at Home Mandate, Section 7 (Page 3), specifically encompasses your right to access health care stating, “individuals may leave their residence to work for or obtain services through Healthcare and Public Health Operations”.

Therefor, all current and future appointments with myself or the Hybrid Recovery Room at our Grandview and Dublin locations will continue as usual. All current treatment plans will continue as planned and all current and new client’s are welcome to schedule new client visits, follow up care visits, and enquire about any new conditions, ailments, or future health care goals they may wish to address. Visits can be scheduled by calling the office at 614-400-5327, or through our online scheduling system at

3. Our Promise to Maintain a Sanitary and Compliant Environment

As part of our effort to provide quality care, your health and safety is our most important goal. To ensure this goal is met, we will be incorporating and/or continuing the following policies.

A. All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned disinfected on a regular maintenance schedule during operating hours including before and after all client visits.

B. Client access to health care services will be on an appointment basis only – No walk-in visits will be accepted.

C. A 15-minute buffer period will be added to the end of each visit to minimize interaction between successive client visits.

D. Clients are encouraged to limit the amount of individuals/family members accompanying them on their visit(s) to one.

E. For the health and safety of our other clients, any client that suspects interaction with COVID-19 or are currently experiencing symptoms shall remain at home and refrain from rescheduling their visit based on the following guidelines:

I. Said client has gone 72 hours without fever and symptoms have improved without the use of medication.

II. At least 7 days have passed since symptoms first began.

4. Accelerated Addition of “Home Health Visits”

Hybrid Performance Group was founded upon providing the best health care service possible for our clients. In an effort to provide the best, safest access to care during this time, we are proud to announce the addition of at home visits.

Home health visits gives you and your family access to all the same quality care you get at Hybrid Performance Group, from the comfort of your home! Simply book your visit and your doctor from Hybrid Performance Group will come to you! In order to ensure a sanitary environment for everyone, Home Health clients will be asked to honor the requirements outlined in Section 3E of this email as well.

To help control costs, we will offer 15% off all Home Health Visits for the entirety of the “Stay at Home” Order and 25% off for those who schedule multiple Home Health Visits within the same trip.

This Service is currently available for Franklin and Delaware county townships within 10 miles of our Grandview and Dublin facilities. Home Health Visits outside this distance may be subject to an additional mileage fee.

To schedule a Home Health Visit, simply select the "Home Health Visit" option with Dr. Detweiler on our online scheduling platform.

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