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Constraints: How To Use Them

With the current landscape that we are dealing with, it is understandable for people to raise concerns. If you are a business owner, that concern level could be even higher than most – after all, you probably have a lot of people that count on you and your business, whether it be services or employment. So as a business owner, manager, etc., concern and stress are always going to be part of the equation. In times where there is a lot of uncertainty and unknowns, the conversation is not whether or not you have to deal with stress or constraints – the conversation is HOW do you handle those stresses and those constraints.

So, I challenge you to think of this economic shutdown in this way: Is it something that you want? No. Will it completely crush you? Probably not. Will you look back on this period five years from now and look at it as being the worst thing ever? It all depends on how you respond. Here are three suggestions to help you find the good in your personal life or business and keep moving forward:

1. Finish Your To-Do List

2. Lead by Example

3. Create Your Own Opportunities

To dive deeper into this conversation, check out Dr. Detweiler's latest article on, Constraints: How To Use Them.

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