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The Dos and Don'ts of 2020 Football

After one of the craziest springs in modern history, many Americans are moving into the summer and looking forward to the fall with hopes of transitioning back into a lifestyle that looks and feels a lot more normal. Sports make up an incredibly large component of our way of life, and for many, these hopes for normal could be realized by simply being able to participate, watch, and attend their favorite sporting event.

As many states begin to reopen, sports teams across all levels are beginning to return to salvage what is left of summer sports or off-season training. From an off-season training perspective, football finds itself in a unique situation as it approaches the fall.

Proper off-season preparation for the football athlete is highly dependent on the time spent in the late spring and early summer. Football is a high impact sport that subjects the body to a large amount of force– and that's before we start talking about hitting or tackling. Being able to stabilize, absorb, and create the acceleration and deceleration forces involved in football require adaptation in soft tissues, bone, and the nervous system. Simply put, if you are waiting until the summer to begin preparing for the fall, you're already behind the eight ball–and coaches across the nation are well aware of this.

So if you're a coach or athlete feeling the uncertainty of fall sports and pressure of starting the offseason late in 2020, visit to read Dr. Detweiler's full article on the dos and don'ts for approaching training over the next few months.

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