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Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic



At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, we are excited to introduce our new ambulatory animal chiropractic offering. We understand that convenience and personalized care are essential when it comes to supporting the well-being of your precious furry friends and show animals.


That's why we have expanded our healthcare offerings to include taking care of your animals! Our skilled practitioner will come to your location to provide top-notch chiropractic services for animals. Whether it's your beloved dog, majestic horse, or impressive show animals like sheep, cows, or pigs, we are here to help.

Ambulatory Services

With our expertise and dedication, we strive to bring the benefits of chiropractic care directly to your doorstep. Experience the ease and comfort of our mobile services, knowing that we are committed to empowering you in your quest to enhance the health and performance of your animal companions.

We will travel up to xx miles from our office in Plain City, Ohio

Reduce the stress of your animals traveling and adjusting to new surroundings

We can observe your animal's behavior and habits in their usual environment

Save time and accommodate to your busy schedule

Benefits of Animal Chiropractic Care

Boost your animal's performance and improve their overall well-being with animal chiropractic care. Through a non-invasive, drug-free approach, discover the transformative benefits that personalized chiropractic adjustments can bring to your beloved furry friend.

Enhanced Performance

Chiropractic adjustments can improve biomechanics, range of motion, and overall musculoskeletal function to improve their agility, endurance, and performance. This is particularly beneficial for athletic animals, such as show animals and working dogs.

Pain Relief

Animals suffering from conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, and degenerative myelopathy may experience pain relief through chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce inflammation, alleviate joint restrictions, and decrease pressure on nerves that contribute to pain.

Preventative Care

Animal chiropractic care can be used as a preventive measure to maintain optimum health and wellness in animals. Regular adjustments can help identify and treat subtle alignment issues before they develop into more significant problems.

Holistic Wellness

Animal chiropractic care takes a holistic approach to healthcare by considering the interconnections between the nervous system, muscles, and joints. By promoting proper alignment and function of these systems, chiropractic care can enhance an animal's overall well-being and quality of life.

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