Recovery Services

Your needs are unique to your life and the stresses placed upon the body. Hybrid Performance and Wellness offers a wide selection of tools to match your specific recovery needs. 

Whether you're an athlete, active adult, or just need decompress from your office job, regular use of the Recovery Room will keep your body feeling great and prevent future injury.


Massage Gun


Inversion Table

Recovery Massage Chairs

Whether you got injured on the field, or just feel sore after an intense workout, massage chairs speed up recovery time, by increasing blood flow to the areas that need it. That accelerated oxygen and nutrient replenishment to cells helps your body feel and perform better, on a faster timeline. Massage chairs can also keep injury at bay, by helping your cells regenerate more quickly.
Other Benefits Include:
Flexibility, Toxin Release, Muscle Targeting, Skin Improvement, Pain Relief, Relaxation, Caring For Your Muscles Post-Workout
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Recovery Pumps

Intermittent Sequential Pneumatic Compression (ISPC)

Boost recovery time, reduce muscle soreness & fatigue, and relieve swelling with RecoveryPump pneumatic compression therapy. RecoveryPump provides you with clinical compression expertise, wide and precise pressure ranges, versatile garment selections and fully customizable treatments.

Scientifically Proven to:

REDUCE delayed onset muscle soreness, heart-rate and blood pressure

IMPROVE contractile capacity of the legs

DECREASE swelling and stiffness

RELIEVE muscle fatigue by 45% with 20 minutes of sequential compression

Ready to Get Started ?

We have three plans for you to choose from to develop your own customized recovery plan. Not sure where to start? No problem!


We offer a FREE SESSION in the Recovery Room to all new members! 

Use the code "FeelGreat" at checkout to redeem.

Wellness Package

Choice of 8 Recovery Tools Per Month

$50 / Month

Unlimited Package

Unlimited Use of the Recovery Room

$80 / Month

*Up to 3 modalities per day

A La Carte Services

Pick Any Recovery Tool

$15 / per modality