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We have helped the strong become strong(er) since 1998 by following the primary aim to Live, Learn, and Pass on. Our core values, Focus, Trust, and Strength, have enabled us to be the industry’s top information and equipment destination for strength athletes or anyone who places training at a high 

priority within their life. 


Co-founded by Traci and Dave Tate, elitefts was born in 1998 with one simple goal: to make average athletes great and great athletes elite. From a brand to a culture, what started as a website solely providing a Q&A, articles, and 

seminars progressively transformed into a company that has been educating and outfitting the strongest athletes around the world for more than 20 years.   




Dr. Detweiler was among those who benefitted from the educational resources at elitefts, not only as a strength athlete, but also as a clinician. Since 2018, he has been writing articles as his way of giving back to the system of helping other become better athletes that had given so much to him in the past.

Dr. Detweiler's articles range from training philosophy, to recovery, performance, and injury prevention, and also his philosophy on how the strength and fitness industry can work in collaboration with health care industry to increase patient outcomes.

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RPR® System Clinics

Dr. Detweiler has been utilizing the Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR®) system since 2016 and has helped hundreds of athletes, coaches, kids, parents, and everyone in between learn how to take control of their own body using this system. 


Did you know RPR teaches their system all around the world?


Since 2017, Dr. Detweiler has been teaching RPR courses ranging from large group clinics for practitioners, athletes, coaches, and general public to implementing the RPR system with high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams to improve performance and injury resistance. 


To find out where Dr. Detweiler is teaching next, visit RPR’s clinic schedule.


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Coaching, Development, and Mentoring for Youth Offensive Lineman

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Customized Performance and Recovery Services and Educational Health Seminars

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