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For those that demand more from their body


When you live an active lifestyle, there is no time for pain or injury. Further restrictions from a doctor that doesn't hold the same active lifestyle values as you do is frustrating and discouraging to your goals. You deserve help from healthcare providers who live the same active, competitive lifestyle as you do. You deserve someone who will help push with you, not against you.


Clinicians, Second.

When competitive athletes are ready to take their performance to the next level, they call Dr. Detweiler. They know that as an elite multi-sport athlete and coach who competed in Division 1 football, Dr. Detweiler and his team are athletes who successfully competed themselves. At Hybrid Performance and Wellness, we don’t just work with professional, collegiate, high school, weekend and niche athletes. We are these competitive athletes, too.

HPW ADVANTAGE: Our Commitment to Injury Prevention

Chiropractors are known for treating injuries. Hybrid Performance and Wellness treats injuries, and we’re known for our commitment to helping clients develop proper habits and techniques to strengthen and improve functioning BEFORE they get hurt, to prevent and minimize injury. This shift from a rehabilitation plan to a performance and prevention plan ensures:

  • Proper movement quality

  • Recovery habits

  • Injury prevention


Regardless of age, skill or competition level, your goal as an athlete is to improve and beat your personal best. That’s why we develop a Results-Based Care Plan for every client and provide a full spectrum of premier services to help you achieve top performance.

The Hybrid Performance and Wellness Process:

  1. Evaluate mental, physical, and nutritional aspects of performance to identify opportunities for improvement

  2. Evaluate specific movement to determine the underlying patterns and habits that decrease performance and lead to injury.

  3. Execute a custom plan to strengthen your body.

  4. Educate, retrain and reinforce proper movement, under the direct supervision of a clinician, to help you achieve your ultimate sports performance.

  5. Build proper recovery and injury prevention habits to continue performing for years to come.



Hybrid Performance and Wellness bridges the gap between healthcare and performance training. We are committed to making sure everyone engaged in the athlete’s development – parents, coaches and other health care providers – are on the same page.

TECHNIQUE SPOTLIGHT: Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

Throughout the world, Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) is a widely used technique.  As a Certified Reflexive Performance Reset instructor, Dr. Detweiler teaches athletes, coaches and numerous athletic departments how to successfully implement RPR to increase team performance and resilience to injury.

Hybrid Performance and Wellness teaches clients how to perform this series of game-changing breathing and neurological drills ON THEIR OWN so they can experience the following improvements: 

  • Speed

  • Injury Prevention

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Movement Quality

  • Muscle and Joint Relief

  • Mental Performance

In addition high schools and youth programs throughout the world, athletic programs that use RPR include: 

Be Activated

See an example of a Be Activated assessment with Dr. Detweiler

Be Activated is a revolutionary system that focuses on the priorities of the body. Put simply, your body will sacrifice anything in order to breath and move. Think about it – can you come up with anything more essential to survival to breathing? And what about movement? If you had the choice to lose all function in either your right hip or your right hand, which would you chose and why? Most likely, you’d choose your right hand. After all, how could you move and function without your hips?


From a fundamental level, when breathing and movement are not occurring properly, your body will sacrifice elsewhere in the body to help accomplish those two priorities. You likely know this as a compensation.


With today’s high stress and environmental pressures, compensations are inevitable – for everyone. When your body begins to compensate you will lose strength, power, flexibility and endurance, leaving the body less resilient, and at risk for poor performance, pain and dysfunction, both physically and in the way you interact in your world. To address these compensations in your body, the stress placed upon your body must be addressed to give the body what it needs to return to normal. 

This is why our clinicians utilize the Be Activated system with all of our clients. By utilizing Be Activated, we are essentially rebooting the body to return it to its original, natural physiology, allowing it to break free of pain and dysfunction. 


With Be Activated you will experience immediate and measurable changes in strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance, coordination and pain.