Protect Your Greatest Asset – Your Health

Have you ever stopped to notice how you get up from bed? How you sit at work? Or the way you bend down to grab your kids? If you have a history of pain and dysfunction or want to remain active and continue doing the things you love for as long as possible, enhancing the quality of your lifestyle through proper movement habits are an essential part of the equation.

What is Lifestyle Enhancement?

The purpose of lifestyle enhancement is to better understand, educate, and manage stress within your life.


Stresses is a normal part of life. In fact, stress is essential to living a health, full life, as it creates the stimulus for your body to grow and balance itself. Stress is found in everything you do; at work, home, even in your favorite activities, and can be physical, mental, or emotional.


Although stress can be good, excessive, unnecessary, and repetitive stress can cause detrimental effects in the body. This is why we get chronic pain, inflammation, and injuries that occur from simple tasks such as getting up in the morning, or picking a pencil up off the ground. Chronic stress is also why some have trouble controlling their anger, anxiety, or can’t sleep at night and focus during the day. These stresses are uniquely yours – meaning, each person has a unique set of stresses and a unique way of responding to stress.

Lifestyle enhancement, is based off three, key focus points:

1. Identify the chronic stresses in your life.


2. Educate and better understand stress’ impact on your mental, physical, and emotional health.


3. Limit stress and build your resiliency to stress for a better, healthier life.

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This is accomplished by developing better strategies within our offices that can be applied to your everyday life. Eventually, these strategies in movement, posture, and stress reduction become a regular habit, helping you continue to do the things you love without relying on a weekly office visit to keep you on track. In its essence,


Lifestyle enhancement helps give you control over your own heatlh!

How Can Lifestyle Enhancement Help Me?
To better understand how Lifestyle Enhancement can improve your health, it helps to understand how chronic stress can break down your body. ,
In the following video Dr. Detweiler explains how chronic, repetitive stress is often the cause of pain and injury and what we can do to prevent it.

Chronic Injury Video

Creating Change

The first step to creating change is simply being aware that an issue exists. We first help you recognize the bad postures, movements, and activities that are breaking your body down, and then implement new movement and stress relieving habits to decrease the risk of future injury and degeneration, while at the same time, building your ability to better adapt to and handle stressful situations

Our clients have noted the following benefits from Lifestyle Enhancement:

Improved Physical Performance 

Less Anxiety

Reduction in Depression Symptoms

Improvement in Overall Mental Health

Improved Learning Capacity

Less Stress 

Better Focus

Less Pain and Muscle Tightness

Better Sleep

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